Quick Start

Here is a simple copy-paste example to get you started.

      <li v-for="post in laravelData.data" :key="post.id">{{ post.title }}</li>


<script setup>
import { ref } from 'vue';
import { TailwindPagination } from 'laravel-vue-pagination';

const laravelData = ref({});

const getResults = async (page = 1) => {
    const response = await fetch(`https://example.com/results?page=${page}`);
    laravelData.value = await response.json();


A short explanation of the above example:

  1. We use the getResults() method to fetch some data from a Laravel application. This method is called when the component is created. The initial data could also be passed as a prop to the component.
  2. We use the v-for directive to loop through the data and display it on the page.
  3. We use the <TailwindPagination> component to display the pagination links. We use the :data prop to pass the paginator data from Laravel to the pagination component.
  4. We use the @pagination-change-page event to call the getResults() method when the user changes page. This event passes the new page number as a parameter.